References are an important part of the safer recruitment process. The purpose is to obtain objective and factual information to support your suitability to be a member of SiSS.

SiSS adopts the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit standard reference pro-forma with questions relating to your suitability to work with children and a focus on key criteria for working with children.

References using the standard proforma are obtained directly from the referee by email which are submitted back directly to the system.

One reference should be from your current or most recent employer. If you are not currently working with children, but have done so in the past, it is important that a reference is also obtained from the employer by whom you were most recently employed in work with children, in addition to your current or most recent employer.

The second reference cannot be from the same organisation and can be a character reference.

References will not be accepted from relatives or friends.

SiSS does not accept references/testimonials provided by the candidate, or open references/testimonials (i.e. ‘To whom it may concern’) as this does not comply with safer recruitment standards.

Neither will SiSS accept references where the organisation chooses to just give the dates you were employed as this does not comply with safer recruitment standards.

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